Bergville Community Builders Support Project




The School of Electrical & Information Engineering, together with the help and administration of the Bergville Community Builders (BCB) and the SA Institute of Electrical Engineers (SAIEE) has supported the Bergville community over the years. Bergville is located in KwaZulu-Natal at the foothills of the Drakensberg mountain ranges (facing Mont-Aux-Sources). Postgraduates and the occasional staff members have visited the community in its beautiful natural environment for the purpose of exposing the school children to science and technology.

The Bergville Community Builders comprises successful members of the Bergville community who feel the necessity for education in their respective industries. Their aim is expose their community school learners to future careers afforded to them by a solid educational base. This is done by organising various educational events throughout the year. The successes of these events have drawn many other professionals from outside Bergville area to come and assist with the intention of copying the BCB model to their communities as well.

The relationship between the BCB and the School of Electrical & Information Engineering of the University of the Witwatersrand started in 2008 with the involvement of the SAIEE (South African Institute of Electrical Engineers) in line with National Science Week. Since then, the School of Electrical & Information Engineering with the help of Viv Crone from the SAIEE and Nhlanhla Maphalala, the chairperson of the BCB, has been able to support and attend various annually organised events; which include exposing learners to aspects of Science and Technology (National Science Week), providing learners with advice and guidance on a wide spectrum of careers (Bergville Career’s Day) and assisting the teachers of the Bergville community with tutoring programmes aimed at enhancing their knowledge of Science. All events accommodate the 32 high schools of the Bergville area.

Tutoring Sessions - May 2009

National Science Week - August 2010

Career Day - February 2011