50th Year reunion for Class of '63

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Ivan Hofsajer

Saturday 23rd of November saw a class reunion take place at Wits Club.
This was the electrical engineering class that graduated at Wits in 1963. This was the 50th anniversary of their graduation. The event was well attended with more than half of the original class attending, some traveling from overseas. It was quite an august gathering, with more than 1000 years of engineering experience among them
It equally showed the value of mastering the basics during an undergraduate degree and then keeping current with technological developments. When they graduated the idea of a cell phone was utterly alien, as was a CD player, a domestic microwave oven and the internet, the moon landing had not even taken place yet. It would have been impossible for them to have learnt these things during their undergraduate program.
However given their BSc from 1963 they were fully able to keep abreast of technological developments over the last 50 years.


Class of '63 visiting the Schools undergraduate laboratory


Class of '63 visiting the School's undergraduate laboratory.