EIE Sports Day spectacular: The first sports day in decades

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Yu-Chieh Liu

On 5 September 2014, the School of Electrical and Information Engineering welcomed Spring to campus with a School sports fun day. The line-up for the afternoon included soccer and netball knock-out matches and several bouts of tug of war. The staff and postgrads formed one team for each sport, and each year of study had a representative team. Unfortunately, Mechanics tutorial on Friday afternoon kept first years from officially participating in the event.

The soccer results were as follows:

Semifinal I: Postgrads/Staff (1) vs 4th Year (2)
Semifinal II: 2nd Year (4) vs 3rd Year (0)
Final: 4th Year (0) vs 2nd Year (1),
The overall soccer winners were 2nd years.

Netball proved to be a multi-gendered sport, where some guys joined the girls in the non-travelling version of basketball. The netball scores were as follows:

TBC - The overall netball winners were also 2nd years.

Tug of war was less structured, but no less fun. A group of first year students escaping the Mechanics tutorial managed to participate in this event. Second year students seemed to dominate this event too, although no official scores were kept. In the final more structured bout, the staff and postgrad team found the true spirit of tug of war and beat the competing mix of undergraduates through rhythmic pulls, which eventually led to a 2-1 win.

Well done to all participants, spectators, organisers and winners. It was a day of fun and relaxation away from books and the pressures of study. The next sports fun day is bound to be just as successful and fun for all those associated with the School of EIE.