EIE Student Prizes at SAIP Conference

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Mitch Cox

Electrical Engineering PhD student, Daniel Ohene-Kwofie and Physics-Electrical MSc student Mitchell Cox both received awards at the 60th South African Institute of Physics (SAIP) conference held in Port Elizabeth this year and hosted by NMMU and Rhodes University. 

Daniel received the award for best PhD poster in the Nuclear, Particle and Radiation physics track for his poster titled: Efficient processing of physics quantities for the Processing Unit for the upgrade of the Tile Calorimeter of ATLAS. Mitchell received the prize for best MSc oral in the same track with his talk titled: Online energy reconstruction on ARM for the ATLAS TileCal sROD co-processing unit. A further eight students from the School of Physics at the university also received awards in more pure physics fields.

Both presentations are due to strong collaboration between the School of Electrical and Information Engineering and the School of Physics at Wits University, funded by the SA-CERN program. To quote the SA-CERN web site: "The SA-CERN program is a national programme funded by the Department of Science and Technology and the National Research Foundation to provide South African Researchers, Students, Engineers and Technicians with an opportunity to participate in the world's premier and largest International Research facility at CERN."

Daniel's research can be applied to the difficult computer requirements faced by the data acquisition and processing systems at the CERN ATLAS experiement and Mitchell's research is primarily focussed on using ARM System on Chips typically found in mobile devices to create an affordable, energy efficent and most importantly high data throughput supercomputing system also for ATLAS. These lines of research may one day be used for other big science projects with extreme data processing requirments such as the Square Kilometer Array and big data in general.

More photos and the full story is available on the Wits web site linked here. Daniel is shown second from the left and Mitchell is in the orange shirt in the center (the "fingers" displayed above the Physics Head of School do not belong to Mitchell... unfortunately this is the only photo.).