Lunch and Learn - The Google Self Driving Car

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Mitch Cox

A Wits Alumni, Craig Robinson, visited us for a very informative and interesting "Lunch and Learn" talk on 24 March 2016. Craig works at Google in California on the self driving car project and told us about the status of the car and a high level overview of how it makes sense of and navigates it's environment - extremely effectively it seems! 

Initially, Google focussed on highway driving but in recent years has been working on effective driving on normal roads. The car is able to identify and predict what objects around it (such as other cars, pedestrians, cyclists, people getting out of cars parked on the sidewalk, etc.) are doing and react accordingly.

There is still a way to go in terms of pot holes and difficult weather conditions, for example, but from what I gathered from the talk the car could easily take a randomly navigating taxi in it's stride - so to speak... 

Check out the car on YouTube: