BIOL1000 Introductory Life Sciences I

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  • This unit is the core unit for most of the disciplines offered at second- and third- year level in the Biological Sciences. It comprises the four modules listed below.
  • Introductory Molecular and Cellular Biology I, Growth and Development, Structure and Function and Ecology and Diversity.

For an overview of the above units, refer to the syllabus descriptions below.

Introductory Molecular and Cellular Biology I

  • The underlying theme of the knowledge base will be the relationship between structure and function at the molecular and cellular levels. After attending this course, students should be able to justify why the cell can be considered the basic unit of life and explain how structure determines function in the cell. Structure of biomolecules and their roles in the cell will be examined, as well as the flow of genetic information in the cell and the cell cycle (including cytokinesis and the reproduction of cells).
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BSc EngSci (Biomedical)