ELEN2005 - Signals and Systems 1

School running course: 
Electrical & Information Engineering
Course Brief and Outline: 
Year of Study: 
  • Systems, Signals and Time-Domain Techniques:Signals, transformation of the independent variable, singularity functions (impulse and step function), systems, LTI system properties, convolution, representation of a system in terms of differential equations, time domain system responses, introduction to MATLAB.
  • Laplace Transform: The Laplace Transform and Inverse Laplace Transform, convergence of the Laplace Transform, applications and properties of the Laplace Transform, Laplace Transforms of simple signals, poles and zeros, inverting the Laplace Transform (partial fraction expansion and residues), convolution, initial value and final value theorems, solution of LTI differential equations (DEs), zero-input and zero-state responses, system stability, system inter-connections, relationship between frequency response and Laplace Transform, Solution of LTI DEs using the Laplace Transform. Resonance, Network synthesis, System analysis using Two-Port Network concepts: Maximum Power Transfer.
Programs offering course: 
BSc Eng (Elec)
BSc Eng (Elec) Info Option
BSc EngSci (Biomedical)