ELEN3003 - Power Engineering

School running course: 
Electrical & Information Engineering
Course Brief and Outline: 
Year of Study: 
  • Electric Power Distribution and Management:Three Phase circuit analysis and power measurement. Power distribution. Power Triangles. Introduction to energy costs and energy management. Basics of switchgear. Three Phase Transformers; star/delta connections, parallel operation of transformers; per unit system; auto-transformer connections.
  • Alternating Current Machines:Review of EMF generation, mmf and rotating fields and torque production.
  • Induction motor:Equivalent circuit and phasor diagrams, torque-slip characteristics, squirrel cage and wound rotor motors. Introduction to variable speed drives.
  • Synchronous Machines: Concept of synchronous reactance, equivalent circuits, machine characteristics on passive loads and infinite busbars.
Programs offering course: 
BSc Eng (Elec)