ELEN3024 Communication Fundamentals

School running course: 
Electrical & Information Engineering
Course Brief and Outline: 
Year of Study: 
  • Communication modes: simplex, half-duplex, full-duplex;
  • The A/D and D/A process: PCM, Nyquist criteria, quantization noise;
  • Impacts of noise on the communication channel: Shannon-Hartley theorem, types of noise, crosstalk;
  • Analog modulation: AM and Angle modulation (FM and PM), modulation and demodulation, bandwidth, noise performance;
  • Digital modulation: PSK, QPSK, M-FSK, M-QAM, OFDM, modulation and demodulation, bandwidth, noise performance (BER, SNR), information rate (bits/symbol), constellations, eye patterns;
  • Multi-user techniques: TDM, FDM, Frequency hopping, CDMA;
  • Basic antenna theory: point source, different antennas, link budget;
  • Propagation;
  • Equalization.
Programs offering course: 
BSc Eng (Elec) Info Option