ELEN4001 High Frequency Techniques

School running course: 
Electrical & Information Engineering
Course Brief and Outline: 
Year of Study: 
  • Revision of Antenna Fundamentals: Electromagnetic Spectrum, Radiation Basics, Po-larization, Directivity and Gain, Reciprocity, Aperture, Radiation Resistance, Link Equation (Friis), Field and Power Flow, Modulation Schemes and Noise.
  • Thin Linear Antennas: Fields from Potentials, Fields from current carrying wires, The ideal dipole, Short Dipole, Short Monopole, Reactance of small antennas, Sinusoidal Dipole, Ohmic Losses, Matching, Baluns, Thickness Factor.
  • Array Theory: Isotropic arrays, Pattern Multiplication, Binomial Arrays, Uniform Arrays, Interferometer, Multi-beam “Smart Antennas”, Continuous Aperture distributions.
  • Common Antenna Types: Travelling wave (HF) antennas, Small loop, and slot antennas, Normal mode helical, Axial mode helical, Reflector antennas, including the Corner Reflector, Yagi-Uda, Log Periodic Dipole Array (LPDA).
Programs offering course: 
BSc Eng (Elec)