ELEN7049 Telecommunications Access Networks

School running course: 
Electrical & Information Engineering
Year of Study: 
  • Evolution of the Access Network: Architectures for copper, powerline, fiber and wireless access networks. Medium characteristics for link budget planning. Narrow and Broadband Access Networks.
  • SDH and the Access Network Transport. Design considerations of Access Networks to include coverage and capacity requirements. Topological design of Access Networks.
  • Fixed and Mobile Access Networks: Architecture of the Public Land Mobile Network (PLMN). Radio channel characerisation, passloss and multipath modelling and their impact on coverage and capacity design of PLMN, designing for mobile radio fast fading channels, QoS issues in Mobile radio, GSM Air-Interface, CDMA Air-Interface, Wireless Data provisions in Mobile Radio Networks, Evolution from 2G to 3G. Operational considerations of PLMNs (e.g. geospatial-aided network inventory management and network planning) and examples of Mobile Computing and other wireless data applications.
Programs offering course: 
MEng (Telecoms)
MSc Eng (Telecoms)