MATH2014 Mathematics II

School running course: 
Year of Study: 
  • Objective:To learn more advanced techniques and applications of the algebra of real and complex functions and the calculus of several real variables.
  • Algebra:Complex numbers. Indeterminate forms and series. Linear algebra including eigenvalues and eigenvectors; the Cayley-Hamilton theorem and applications to differential equations; change of coordinates, diagonalisation and applications; orthonormality, unitary and hermitian matrices and quadratic forms. Fourier series.
  • Calculus: Differential equations. Vector differentiation including curvature, directional derivatives, grad, div and curl, streamlines and potential functions, classification of surfaces. Vector Integration including line integrals, double integrals, Jacobians, Green’s theorem in the plane.
  • Transforms and Special Functions: This section includes the theory and applications of Laplace and Fourier transforms. Special functions. Boundary value problems involving certain partial differential equations.
  • Complex variable and integral theorems:This section involves analytic functions and conformal transformations. Ideal flow in the plane. Surface and volume integrals. Gauss’ divergence theorem and Stokes’ theorem.
Programs offering course: 
BSc Eng (Elec)
BSc Eng (Elec) Info Option
BSc EngSci (Biomedical)