PHYS1014 Physics IE

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  • Geometrical optics: Reflection and refraction at plane surfaces; prisms and dispersion; refraction at curved surfaces; lenses and image formation; optical instruments.
  • Thermal physics: Temperature scales, thermal expansion; phase changes; equivalence of heat and work; heat capacities; heats of transformation; conduction, convection, radiation; gas laws; kinetic theory of gases; equipartition of energy, heat capacities of gases.
  • Hydrostatics: Pressure; Pascal’s principle; Archimedes’ principle, floating and submerged bodies. Hydrodynamics: Streamline flow, continuity; Bernouilli’s equation; viscosity, Poiseuille’s equation; Stokes’ equation; turbulence, Reynolds number.
  • Waves: Travelling waves: superposition, interference, reflection and transmission of waves; standing waves; beats; Doppler effect; shock waves.
  • Physical optics: Electromagnetic spectrum, speed of light; coherence, twin slit interference, thin film interference; single slit diffraction and the grating; polarisation; resolution.
  • Surface tension: Surface energy, angle of contact, curved surfaces, capillary action.
  • Electricity: Coulomb’s law, electric field, flux, Gauss’ theorem; potential difference;
  • capacitors, dielectrics, stored energy, dipoles; current electricity, resistance, Ohm’s law, emf, energy and power; Kirchhoff’s laws, Wheatstone bridge; instruments.
  • Magnetism: Magnetic field, flux, force on a current, motion of charged particles, torque on loop, Hall effect; Ampere’s law: Faraday’s law, self and mutual inductance, magnetic properties of matter, B-H loops.
  • Modern physics: Atomic physics, waves and particles, X-rays, radioactivity, binding energy, fission, fusion; Bohr model of atom; radiation dosimetry.
Programs offering course: 
BSc Eng (Elec)
BSc Eng (Elec) Info Option
BSc EngSci (Biomedical)