2011 Orientation

The beginning of 2011 brought a fresh new group of Electrical & Information and Biomedical Engineering first year students to the School’s new CBI-electric Laboratory during Orientation Week on 17 February 2011. The new students were welcomed with refreshments and a brief introduction to the School and the staff members by the Head of School (Professor Ian Jandrell).

Thereafter, the students were given a taste of their first Circuits Laboratory as they received the components and information packs for their first assignment. In true first year fashion, the students scrambled to check their laboratory lucky packet contents, eager to learn about the strange components inside.

Additionally, they were given an opportunity to interact with staff members and postgraduates. The postgraduates demonstrated some interesting facets of the multi-disciplinary future the first years would be facing. With a combination of simple demonstrations of laboratory equipment, complicated control theory and its applications, flying frying pans, 100 CPU computing cluster and exploding capacitors (the postgraduate’s guide on how NOT to do your laboratory assignments),  what aspiring engineering would not be enthralled?

This year sees our largest first year class of 210 Electrical & Information Engineering students and 41 Biomedical Engineering students. What an interesting year it is going to be!


By Yu-Chieh (Jessie) Liu