Wits EIE Team wins undergrad CHPC Cluster Competition


Congratulations to our second year students Kerren Ortlepp, Jan-Willem Steeb and Ryan Strange, who together with NWU student Evelyn Khobeka, won the inaugural Centre for High Performance Computing Cluster competition for undergrad students.

The students were given a R200k budget and had to design their cluster, deciding what equipment to get for the competition, balancing costs of processors, memory, network switches etc. Then they had to install complex software on the system from scratch and run three benchmark programs as quickly as possible. Points were primarily awarded for completing the benchmarks and performance, but marks were also awarded for design.  

For their efforts they each won a very good laptop, and the four of them plus Mohamed Atif, a Wits CS student and one other student, will go to Austin for training at the end of January and in June will represent South Africa in the International Student Cluster competition in Germany.



From left: Jan-Willem Steeb (Wits EIE), Kerren Ortlepp (Wits EIE), Ryan Strange (Wits EIE), Evelyn Khobeka (NWU)