Computational Electromagnetics

The programme is one of five in the School of Electrical and Information Engineering. It has a major focus on Computational Electromagnetics, but also the analysis and design of antennas and antenna systems, and general applied Electromagnetics. The pioneering work of Derek Nitch culminated in the C++ Object Oriented NEC2 program called SuperNEC, which placed us in a unique position to use this architecture as foundation for future research.

Recent or imminent additions to SuperNEC are:

  • Dielectric Coated wires.
  • Green's function for dielectric slabs.
  • Finalization of the iterative matrix solution techniques.
  • Addition of Genetic Algorithm based Antenna Optimizers.
  • Addition of an RF and Antenna Systems Toolbox for Matlab.
  • Integration of “Simply Sparse” as a Sparse Matrix solver.

The Dielectric coatings and Genetic Algorithms have been successfully integrated into the core SuperNEC.

The objectives of this programme are:

  • To foster fundamental research in the area of Computational Electromagnetics that is likely to be of value to industry in the longer term.
  • To undertake contract research to meet the needs of the Computational Electromagnetics industry.
  • To foster a relationship with industry that is mutually beneficial.

Research Head: Prof. A. Clark

Electromagnetics Research Staff


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