Lightning / EMC Research


The Lightning/EMC Research Programme is the leading Lightning Research Programme in South Africa. It strives to develop and share expertise in the Lightning Protection, Industrial EMC and Insulation Co-ordination areas.

The Programme was set up to meet a need identified by industry and is strongly support by industry. The emphasis of the research programme is to investigate, understand and mitigate the influence of lightning and other damaging transients on systems.

The Programme is headed up by Prof Ian Jandrell and Dr John van Coller .


Services to Industry

Along with a general consulting service, the Group and its members are involved with local and international industry through the following:


Local and International Working Groups

The Lightning/EMC Research Group is represented on the Steering Committee/ Technical Committees/Working Groups etc of:

  • Eskom
  • NRS
  • SABS
  • IEC
  • Cigré

Product and System Evaluation and Development

Collaborative projects and testing and evaluation of systems for in excess of 30 local and international manufacturers/consultants/industries have been completed during 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999.


Continuing Engineering Education

The following course are regularly presented through the Division of Continuing Engineering Education (CEE) as in-house courses as well as courses open to general industry:

  • Lightning protection and earthing of electronic systems
  • Insulation co-ordination
  • Quality of Supply
  • Design of low cost distribution systems
  • EMC in power systems


There are currently no publications available