The Software Engineering Research Group has a number of current research interests:

Software Development methodologies

Developing a medium to large software system is very different from an individual writing a program for his/ her own use. Large systems are usually developed by teams using a software engineering methodology. There is a great deal of debate about how development teams should work. Should they use formal processes? Would it be better to use “Agile Methodologies”? Is Agile and Process-oriented development not the same thing? These are some of the questions the Group focuses on.

Smart Grids

Electricity networks are designed to transport energy from where it is generated to where it is consumed. The growth of information and communication technology (ICT) has made it possible to include a large amount of information on the power grid that can support more efficient use of energy and smarter management of the system. These are called Smart Grids. A number of research projects, in collaboration with the School’s High Voltage and Telecommunications Groups are being carried out by MSc(Eng) and PhD students.

Big Data

As it becomes possible to store and collect more data we are seeing the emergence of huge databases. A great deal of useful information can be extracted from this data by combining different data sets. The field of “Big Data” research is new and extremely exciting. It has applications in medical informatics, smart cities, mining, energy, financial systems, etc.


The Bioinformatics and Experimental Algorithms group focuses on applications and the computing technologies that support bioinformatics. Bioinformatics is the application of computing molecular biology and genetics, an area that is revolutionising our understanding of biology, and generates huge data sets which pose significant challenges for storage and computation.The Programme is headed up by Prof Barry Dwolatzky and has attracted strong support from both the private and public sectors.


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