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The Centre for Systems and Control is a research group that resides within the School of Electrical and Information Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment. The activities of the group range from classical control to modern linear and non-linear control. All aspects of systems and signals namely, modelling, synthesis, control analysis and design pertaining to linear and non-linear, time-invariant as well as time varying systems and signals form part of the focus.

Research Group Staff and Their Research Interests

Anton van Wyk (PhD) – Carl & Emily Fuchs Professor of Systems & Control Engineering and Group leader

His current research interest is in mathematical modelling of non-linear and non-stationary systems which includes chaotic behaviour of systems. In addition Anton is active in radar and image processing and applications thereof.

Brian Wigdorowitz(PhD) – Associate Professor

Brian’s current interest is in developing and applying a system dynamics modelling methodology to all types of systems. Arising from this will be to develop a control design based methodology based on energy considerations which should be equally applicable to both non-linear and linear systems. Brian is also collaborating with Prof David Rubin of the Biomedical Group in applying system dynamics modelling to biological systems.

Otis Nyandoro (MSc(Eng)) – Lecturer

Amongst other the research interests of Otis include classic and optimal control. Otis is currently working towards his PhD.

Control Research Staff


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