Staff Members

Photo Name Position Telephone Interests
photo-staff Prof. Fambirai Takawira Head of School 011 717-7204
  • Adaptive signal processing,
  • Digital communications
  • Data networks.
photo-staff Prof. Ian Jandrell Personal Professor 011-717-7012
  • High voltage
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • Lightning
  • Earthing and Lightning Protection
  • Software Engineering
photo-staff Prof Willie A Cronje Personal Professor 011-717-7224
  • Power Engineering
  •  Machines
photo-staff Prof Barry Dwolatzky Personal Professor 011-717-6390
  • Software development using object-oriented programming techniques
  • Design and implementation of software for control engineering applications
  • Software integration for large systems
photo-staff Prof Beatrys Lacquet Personal Professor 011-717-1109
  • Optical communications and sensors
  •  Electronic Engineering;
photo-staff Prof Anton Van Wyk Personal Professor 011-7177267
  • Mathematical modelling
  • Non-linear dynamical systems and control
  • Non-linear and Non-stationary signal processing and Image Processing
  • Pattern recognition
photo-staff Prof. Scott Hazelhurst Professor 011-717-6181
  • Bioinformatics
  • High-performance computing
  • Data structures and algorithms
photo-staff Prof Jan Reynders Professor Emeritus
  • Gas discharges
  • Liquid dielectrics
  • Insulation diagnostics
  • High voltage measurements
  • Power transmission
photo-staff Prof Hu Hanrahan Professor Emeritus
  • Evolving telecommunications services
  • Distributed computing in telecommunications
  • Engineering educations standards and quality assurance
photo-staff Prof David Rubin Adjunct Professor 011- 717-7218
  • Medical instrumentation
photo-staff Prof Alan Clark Associate Professor 011-717-7223
  • Electromagnetic analysis
  • Computer codes
  • Antenna design for the professional market
photo-staff Prof Brian Wigdorowitz Associate Professor 011-717-7208
  • Control theory
  • Systems theory
  • Optimisation
  • Member of the Systems and Control Engineering Research Programme
photo-staff Prof Ivan Hofsajer Associate Professor
  • Power Electronics
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • Engineering Electromagnetics
  • Signal Integrity,
  • Integrated Electronics
photo-staff Prof. Ken Nixon Associate Professor 011-717-7203
  • Earthing and lightning protection
  • High voltage
  • Networking and information engineering
  • Linux
photo-staff Dr. Estelle Trengove Associate Professor 011-717-7230
  • Software for electrical distribution
  • Lightning
photo-staff Dr. Cuthbert Nyamupangedengu Associate Professor 011-717-7213
  • Partial discharges
  • HV insulation diagnosis
  • Power cables
  • Engineering design
  • Engineering education
photo-staff Prof. Ling Cheng Associate Professor 011-717-7228
  • Internet of Things for Smart Cities
  • Visible light communications
  • Power-line communications
  • Network information theory
  • Heuristic algorithm in Artificial Intelligence
  • Pattern recognition
  • Insertion/deletion error correction
  • Single machine scheduling
photo-staff Prof. Margret Bauer Visiting Associate Professor 011 717 7277
photo-staff Dr Nicholas West Senior Lecturer 011-717-7278
  • High Voltage Engineering
  • gas breakdown
  • laser-induced breakdown
  • lightning
photo-staff Dr John Van Coller Senior Lecturer 011-717-7211
  • High voltage
  • Drives
  • Acoustics
  • insulation co-ordination
  • Power Systems
  • Lightning
  • EMC
photo-staff Dr. Stephen Levitt Senior Lecturer 011-717-7209
  • Software Engineering
  • Domain Modelling
  • Software Testing
photo-staff Dr. Mercy Shuma-Iwisi Senior Lecturer 011-717-7249
  • Electronic system design
  • Microcontroller-microprocessor-based system design
photo-staff Dr. Jaco Versfeld Senior Lecturer 011-717-7212
  • Telecommunications
  • Forward error correction.
  • Signal processing
  • Direction finding
  • Software defined radios
  • FPGA
photo-staff Dr Asad Mahmood Senior Lecturer 011 717-7240

Signal Processing for Communications

Hyperspectral Imaging

Wireless Sensor Networks

photo-staff Dr Pieter Pretorius Senior Lecturer 011 717-7216

Earthing of installations

Electrical breakdown in gas

Electromagnetic coupling with biological / electrical systems

Electric and electromagnetic safety

Special electromagnetic applications

Electrically mediated corrosion

photo-staff Dr Olutayo Oyerinde Senior Lecturer 011-717-7275
  • Wireless Communications  
  • Applications of Signal Processing Techniques
  • Optical OFDM Systems
photo-staff Mr. James Braid Lecturer 011-717-7219
  • Machine Design
  • Wind energy research
photo-staff Dr Otis Nyandoro Lecturer 011-717-7245
  • Industrial process control
photo-staff Dr Xriz Richards Lecturer 011-717-7246
  • Bio medical engineering
photo-staff Mr Abdul-Khaaliq Mohamed Lecturer

Brain Computer Interfaces based on EEG

Signal processing

Electrophysiological Signals

Brain-machine Interfaces

Computational Intelligence

photo-staff Mrs. Robyn Letts Lecturer 011-717-7272
  • Biomedical engineering with particular interest in medical imaging
photo-staff Mr. Steven Conrad Dinger Lecturer 011-717-7236
  • Biomedical Engineering,
  • Biophysics
photo-staff Mr Adam Pantanowitz Lecturer 011-717-7283
  • Human Computer Interfaces
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Abstraction and Modeling
photo-staff Miss Yu-Chieh (Jessie) Liu Lecturer 011-717-7201
photo-staff Dr. Michael Grant Honorary Lecturer 011-717-7288
photo-staff Mrs Moeniera Ismail Admin Manager 011-717-7244
photo-staff Ms Mumtaz Adam Postgraduate Officer 011 717-7232
photo-staff Ms. Rosemarie Saunders Bookkeeper 011 717 7242
photo-staff Mr Ahmed Moosa Network Engineer 011-717-7222
photo-staff Mr David Tshabalala Electronics Workshop Manager 011-717-7221
photo-staff Mr Sifiso Mtsweni Senior Technician 011 717-7259
photo-staff Mr Mike De Gouveia Senior Technician 011 717-7227
photo-staff Mr Sakhi Xaba Technical Assistant 011-717-7227
photo-staff Mr Abram Mkwanazi Technical Assistant 011-717-7259
photo-staff-rex-van-olst Prof. Rex van Olst Retired 011-717-7220
  • Telecommunications
  • Asset and Geospatial Information Management
photo-staff Prof George Gibbon Retired
  • General instrumentation
  • Computer based instrumentation and control systems
  • Biological systems
photo-staff Ms Gill van der Heever Retired
photo-staff Ms Antoinette Bergsteedt Retired 011-717-7204
photo-staff Mr John Mmanchidi Retired